Un raport de Ruth Fainlight, 1969

["Un raport" de Ruth Fainlight 1969, poezie publicată în antologia Ţinându-ţi cele Opt Mâini şi citată de Seo-Young Chu în Visează metaforele somnul literal?  O teorie ştiinţifico-fantastică a reprezentării]   Pentru primii zece ani m-am prăbuşit În imensitatea spaţiului şi nu am trecut pe lângă nici o stea. .... Undeva la început am murit. În... Continue Reading →

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Adventures in Science Fiction Art: A Nostalgic Piece of Space Art + Rumination

Thanks for your thoughts on Brunner and giving in to ‘nostalgia’ on this one post. The Dixon cover is great also a

has a strong Silent Running (one of my favorite space classics) Biospherics feel. First covers to heart for me where – two book from the Romanian sci-fi collection collage art by Peter Pusztai – Overlords of War and Michael Crichton Andromeda Strain as well as a French cover version of Arthur C Clark 2010 Space Odyssey.

Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

(Don Dixon’s cover art for the 1st edition of The Crucible of Time (1983), John Brunner)

This post is about a Don Dixon SF space art cover that gives me nostalgic chills. But first, a rumination….

As with so many new readers, my first science fiction adventures–almost a decade and a half ago–followed the Hugo Awards closely and the back catalogue of the established male “masters” (often those whom my dad remembered reading in his childhood–Heinlein, Clarke, Brunner, Herbert, Pohl, Anderson, etc.). And boy did John Brunner feature heavily! I read everything of his I could get my hands on. From the genius that STILL is Stand on Zanzibar (1968)–my first New Wave SF novel–to the half-hearted pulpy adventures (Born under Mars,Meeting at Infinity) that scream paycheck. These novels were some of my first reviewed works on my site (John Brunner review list below)…

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Pulau Semesta / Island Universe cozzzmo edition at lifepatch Yogyakarta 2018

[many thanks for the translation to Ade & Dholly] Pulau Semesta Masuki Gerbang Bintang! Cozzzmo Edisi Lifepatch Yogyakarta (2018)Pulau semesta adalah acara berbagi pengetahuan dalam durasi satu malam yang di inisiasi oleh Ștefan Tiron dari Bucharest bekerjasama dengan Kunci Cultural Studies Center, Ruang MES 56 dan lifepatch.“Pulau Semesta / Pulau Alam Semesta” adalah teori kosmologis... Continue Reading →

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