CoZzzmonautica: reblogging into a new blogospheric orbit…

This is a first attempt to salvage (or) crash land the old cozzzzzzzzzmonautica blog at, the place that gathered all the artwork (posters, flyers), documentation (photos, programing, ideas) and other exquisite space junk concerning the Cozmonautica sleep over events from May 2005 to October 2011 and beyond to a new interplanetary blogospheric orbit. This will probably mean translating and reposting a lot of that material over here, piece by piece, bit by bit. Even if we cannot mention here all the names that have kindly offered their support and participated directly in organizing and enriching these series of event – please know that without them there would be no cozzzmonautica! We’ve always counted on local participants, impulse and a lot of dark invisible matter that made things expand, move, rattle and shake.

And here is comes – the intro to the first edition in 2006 with our initial statement and program:

First Edition – launch Arad 05.05. 2006

Main concept

We are starting from an alternative educational method that emphasizes conviviality and incremental learning; a method of exploring both popular science and the scientific imaginary in both a gallery or a museum space.

This space should be transformed trough minimal means (lighting, sound, etc) in an intimate space, a learning space that was mostly sidelined in conventional educational institutions, a space that is more closely related to the personal room or home environment.

Since a long time, in Romania, we shouldn’t even discuss anymore about the formal quality of the school milieu, we should focus on the informal, para-educational learning. School has become a sterile, lifeless place, an alienating environment, where knowledge lies elsewhere, at the outskirts of attention and perception.

Our new pedagogical perspective introduces a unique mode of re-enacting space travel here on earth. Cozzzmonautica introduces an innovative pedagogical toolkit helping us to partially overcome the gravitational pull of the inside/outside, object/subject divide, of engaging with both the affective as well as the cerebral, of creating alternate ways for relating to the immensity of the universe.


-1980 legendary sleep concert organized by space ambient music composer Robert Rich in San Francisco; where everybody was invited to join with a sleeping bag for a whole night listening experience meant to stimulate the brain as it was wavering in a half awake/half asleep state.

-1994-1995 sleep over nights at the Stellar Alternative High School, Anchorage/Alaska students and pupils are invited on their own/or with their parents to self-organize and sleep inside the classrooms, the hallways etc – with various activities to sign in or choose from.

-Natural history museum sleep overs where teachers and students bring their sleeping bags and spend one night inside the exhibition spaces, at the feet of dinosaurs and planetarium installations.

Signing up and program

Telphone nr 0723/37 69 67, and email or at the atelier/contemporary art cafe KF, where everybody interested can get inscribed on our list and can Q&A about the program and the timeline. All the participants have to provide or their own sleeping bag, a yoga mat or mattress:

– please make sure to make a reservation beforehand, because space availability is limited

– you can sign for yourself or make reservations for several other persons

– we apologize, but due to the above mentioned limitations we cannot accommodate those that didn’t sign up, once the participation list gets filled up

On 05.05.2006, starting with 18:00 all those that signed up are invited to choose and install their sleeping bags or mattress onboard our temporary spaceship, inside the Museum of Natural History in Arad.

– at 20:00:00 at the latest we will start with a series of screenings with old and new documentaries about the origins and deep time history of the universe (cosmology): NBCs Cosmos with celebrated astrophysicist Carl Sagan, A Short History of the Universe with the mathematician and theoretician Stephen Hawking, the recent BBC Space Star Stuff episode 1 documentary with actor Sam Neil.

– at 20:30:00 before the documentaries screening we will have a short introduction about the various light installation made by Rumczeisz (black light used for writing mathematical formulas, the laws of thermodynamics, Galaxy morphological classification etc spaceship interior light simulations – shutting the light off – the countdown is starting!

– at 24:00:00 we have an extended sleep concert that lasts till 08:00:00 in the morning. The concert is actually a mix of ambiental space sounds. These will include: Nasa Voyager Golden Disc recordings and music by V.A. such as Robert Rich, Rapoon, Tetsuo Inoue, Steve Roach, Biosphere, etc

-we will also have some invited sound artists working with local field recordings made during our whole nightly cozzzmonautica trip (courtesy of selfmademusic and dyslex).

-we will serve hot tea offered by KF + homemade cookies and space age biscuits.

-08:00:00 – 09:00 AM wrap-up, clean-up and astronaut diplomas offered to participants who stayed for the whole event.

The event is organized by Stefan Tiron aka Megatron and Bogdan Neagu aka Altu’ in collaboration with the Arad Museums Complex.


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