2006 ARAD edition Program/ Spacelog

Friday 2006 Program/ Spacelog Welcoming the participants – giving out participation badges and placing the space travellers in their pods (sleeping bags). General Assembly in the SPACE room where we will intruduce the ‘flight rules’ of our cosmic journey (oxygen/cigarette pause, escape scenarios in case of loss of cabin pressure, fire alarm drills). watch the skies trough the spaceship porthole!!

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – Part 01 – The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean 84′ Oxygen break 10 minutes Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – Part 02 – One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue 71′ Oxygen break 10 minutes Rumczeisz – speed of light engineer intruducing his light installations 20′ Stephen Hawkins Universe – Part 1 – Seeing is Believing 54′
KF our space gear provider
Tea + cookies Oxygen break 10 minutes BBC Space – 3 – Black Holes 30′ Oxygen Break 10′ dyslex aka Black Hole manipulator
space + time distorter 80 minutes (sound performance) Neghi aka Altu – inner world probe / Antigravitational relaxation exercise / Lowering into orbit 45′ Megatron – “mother sez the sun will go down in 30 minutes” Space ambient mix (playlist: Robert Rich – Wheel of the Earth, Drones(1983); Chas Smith – An Hour out of desert center 2003, A 75 Sciura, N.A.S.A. Voyager Recs. selfmademusic – Cryogenic Sleep Frequencies all night long free ride baaaaaaby!!!! (sound performance) Returning to base Feed back Undocking and reentry


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