2006 Arad Cozzzmo photos + event review

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Review of the First Cozzzmonautica

People really ask for and necessitate nocturnal space journeys to the the origins of the universe.

This is the impulse behind this recently founded space agency that tasks itself with the organisation and initialization of such journeys in towns around the country. As Carl Sagan used to say – man has to use both his imagination and skepticism to be able to explore the all-encompassing universe.

What is more wonderful than to familiarize ourselves with the universe and the matter that we are made of?

Cosmos is a greek word that designates the interconnectivity of things, the fundamental order of the all things, opposed to the original state of chaos and disorder. Initially we wanted to make this project at the Astronomical Observatory in Bucharest – and we already had started negotiating the dates, still the Arad launching pad was easier to install. A very important influence in this sense were documentaries by Carl Sagan screened in the 80s on the TVR1 national station but also a close and fruitful friendship with space artist Young Jedi aka Dragos from Bucharest, the provider for most of our documentaries.

Anyway, after I met Neghi aka Altu’ (*the Other) in Arad and Rumcseisz I decided to have the first edition out there. Neghi is a trained and practicing psychologist that helped out with planning and managing the event.

Neghi spoke with the Museum of Natural Sciences in Arad and they agreed on organizing a first cozzzmonautica session. He had the idea to give out participation certificates to all those who made it to the next morning during a long night. Rumczeisz is an natural born experimentalist crazy engineer guy that uses what other consider simple cables, circuits, lamps and soldering iron. He is collaborating with Dyslex on a number of sound devices – sharing his own hands on electronics knowledge. His light installation were a sort of mental and visual support for the first Cozzzmonautica session. The first piece was at the spaceship room. Using black light (lux nigra) behind an old Lastun door (a mostly forgotten small Romanian car brand) writing with special markers various math formulas and sketches with shuttles using various liquid fuels.

In the second room (the mineral and rock sample room) there was a sort of illuminated runaway made using plastic cups and red led lights that where rhythmically blinking marking the sleeping areas and the launching trajectory.

I would also like to thank all the museum technicians and guards that helped us as well as the Archeology Department that supported us throughout the stellar event. I would like to thank the KF people that they helped us organize and pack up all the martian cookies in aluminium foil and for providing the liquid tea fuel for the long interplanetary night – organic tea based on earthly coniferous sprouts, peppermint and linden flowers. I also wish to thank Pnea aka Fra_pio aka Gabi Cosma for the poster and the free stickers giveaways and the tea cup decorations – each custom made.

As for the sound part I would like to thank Mimi aka Mihai Salajan aka Selfmademusic that integrated surrounding sounds live into his Rapid Eye Movement (REM) performance as well as Gheorge Iosif aka Dyslex that used all sorts of dead media such as the floppy disk and a special vinyl ‘read’ with a special magnetic head.

We also received a positive response from the Bucharest Astronomic Observatory where everybody showed their support. In Timisoara we are expecting soon another session where we could involve a growing space crew.

On the 30th of May we have another planned event in Oradea organized with the help of Szilard Miklos and the members of the Hungarian University. The initial lecture about the natural history of seeing was extended to include a whole cozzzmonautica event.


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