2006 CLUJ edition : Program and line-up (flyer + poster)


Binary Center – Cluj, Universitatii street No 2 (under Insomnia bar)

Saturday, 16th December, 18.00>till Sunday, 17th December


flight officer: megatron


About The Current State Of The Universe – Mircea Liviu, Astronomical Observatory Cluj

Astrophilately – Alec Bartos

Sonosphere: Cosmic Tsunami Tube Ridin – Mastino Surfers

Graffosphere: Playground crew

Space Library in Progress: all the cozzzmonauts are invited to bring on a memory stick, CD, DVD, HDD movies, sounds, poems relating to the outer space and the universe etc

Space Costumes (bring it from home): Sleeping Bags

Cosmic Food (spaceship provisions): Tea and Cookies

Detailed program

18:00 launch on the Cluj/Binary Center aerodrome

18:20 short talk – presentation of the project and program for the evening/night, introducing participants, flying and cryogenic sleep rules etc

18:30 Documentary about the Origins of the Universe, the structure of the human Brain and Evolution of Information – an episode from the 1980s Cosmos series by Carl Sagan, 50m

19:30About The Current State Of The Universe – Mircea Liviu, Astronomical Observatory Cluj

Astrophilately – Alec Bartos

20:30 (16.12.2006) – 11.00 (17.12.2006)


– Space race series, BBC, 2005, 50m (the cold war space race history)

– Space series (with Sam Neill), BBC, 2005, 30 (updates regarding the universe)

– Mission to Mir, IMAX, 1997, 40m (http://mission2mir.imax.com/)

– Tommorowland series – Disney studios, 1955, 1956, 1957, 45m each episode

– Future is wild series – Animal Planet, 2002, 25 min each episode

sleep concert music provided by:

ocp sleeping aid (2005), drone download project(darkduck records), sleep research facility – nostromo, zero drone (pablo reche & ubeboet), pandemia – venus urania, john kannenberg – a canticle for leibowitz, idle sunder – aether ii, darcy odrai (fargemetrics, unleaded expression vol 1, vol 2), sine fiction netlabel series, yannick dauby field recordings, aaron ximm , one minute vacations project(in progress), etc.


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