2006 ORADEA /Nagyvarad edition at Partium University / 30th May

Poster for the event by Szilar Miklos. The Program in Romanian is written on it.

Poster for the event by Szilar Miklos. The Program in Romanian is written on it.

Oradea is an old and beautiful city in Transylvania near the Hungarian border, it has some amazing old Synagogues (sadly derelict), with some very interesting performance artists in the 70s and 80s. Oradea city is the new location for the A.S.C.N.O.U. (Romanian translation of Nocturnal Space Agency for Trips to the Limits of the Universe) landing. The poster was made by Szilard Miklos working as an assistant at the Hungarian University Partium.

The Hungarian language translation of the text was kindly done by Szoke Szilard from Timisoara.

I would also like to thank Szilard Miklos, Zoli, Reka and everybody that embarked on out improvised makeshift spaceship inside a faculty classroom/atelier in Oradea. I think we had the graphics section next door. The next posting will follow in a roughly chronological order students showing up, installation of inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags, insulating roll mats and saturated fats, glorious moments of celestial splendor on the horizontal level and once-in-a-lifetime supernova explosions as well as the early morning resuscitation out of the cryopods (Antik* famous Romanian performance artist was teaching a class next door).

Everything started with Miklos asking me to have a presentation/lecture at the University and I initially wanted to make a small introductory talk about the natural history of seeing from simple Photoreceptor cells with overlapping photopigment strata to the complex carpeted photocells of convex and concave eyes (was teaching an introductory class asbout this at the photo-video Faculty in Bucharest at the time). And then it dawned on me that we could actually organize a Cozzzmonautica voyage moon-landing in Oradea. And then we started dreaming about the Cosmic Background Radiation, about how chemical elements get formed inside the atomic hearts of stars and why Einstein’s cosmological constant wasn’t such a good idea… And hopefully we’ll soon land near your cosmodrom (to actually do something at the Astronomical Observatory in Bucharest with the help of Cote, Victor, Anca Memete, Nicu, Cristi Neagoe, Diff Mechanist etc and other cozzzmo- enthusiasts, and the list is growing trust me).

p.s. Zoli was right, yeah, maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to screen the movie “Save the Green Planet” after the “Are We Alone” SPACE BBC series 😉


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