2006 Timisoara edition : s o u n d wave pilots : wakax and selfmademusic, dyslex, noizz.less

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First Timisoara Cozzzmonautica edition was an incredible culmination of the 2006 #1 year!

It wouldn’t have existed and landed there without the effort of many people, starting with Rares Moldovan (aka Neur0) who was working at the local Puppet Theatre as stage designer. He was responsible for negotiating the hosting for free (after all it is a free-entrance-bring-your-whole-family-event!) the whole nightly proceeding. Then it was Flo’ (Rockarolla zine), Mistik (technical kudos!) and for all the people who did something at the event, or just came there during that fateful night. Thanks to the theatre technicians for all the help and for being with us on an all-night mission with mikes and sound checks.

The atmosphere and the public were great (ask anybody who still remembers it).

As for the soundmasters – it was probably the first time I’ve convinced myself how incredible it is to have somebody play – nay compose – live music and improvise on movies, some amazing documentaries from the 50s at this time. They are Disney products of that era – but don’t look Disneyesque at all – they are completely experimental. Mainly because they tried to give visual support, propaganda boost  and unconditional backup to the freshly minted NASA enterprise to reach the stars. “Man in Space” and “Mars and Beyond” had incredible impact and influence at the time and featured Werner von Braun. The other animated parts included life on other planets – playing on the usual green little man, but going well beyond it in imagining the evolution of life on other world.

The life soundtrack was performed by electronic music wizard wakax – electronica pioneer, part of the duo Makunouchi Bento (yeah named after the Japanese lunch box), with prolific and incredibly variegated and free discography! If you don’t believe me just check their galactic output at discogs. Selfmademusic, a young and brash copilot also carved trough metal, sinew and dystopian soundscapes a musical career for himself. Check his new Hall-ow-een special EP over here!

We had also Dyslex with his cosmic drone and taking us to the swirling core of our galaxy, but also Noise.less (aka Ovidiu Paun) on the hush-side of audio, with deep swathes of calming pulsar echoes.

There was also a presentation and invitation to watch and travel the sky with STELLARIUM software. If you haven’t checked Stellarium yet, go download, it is completely free planetarium software(for Linux, Ubuntu, OS X, Windows you name it!). It is being used in planetarium projectors Stellarium and provide a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.


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