2006 TIMISOARA edition / the host: Timisoara Puppet Theatre + event poster

ascnou 1.(poster art by master designer Szoke “sziliboy” Szilard)

the public 4 the public the public 1 the public 2 the public 3 the public 11 the public 9 the public 7 the public 5

Location: Teatrul de Papusi – Piata Maria – Timisoara
Space Time Coordinates: Merlin Theatre, Bulevardul Regele Carol 1, Nr. 3

Nocturnal Space Agency
Cozzzmonautica is being launched on the Timisoara Spaceport

Date: 19.11.2006
Engines start: from 19:00 till the next day


19:00 > 20:00 welcoming the passengers onboard: fly lessons & first aid

20:00 > 21:00 marius chirita(Physics) >about Chaos theory, the Big Bang and other stuff

21:00 > 21:30 oxygen break + one last smoke

21:30 > 22:15 wakax&salfemademusic>>>tribute>BBC radiofonic workshop (drone&grand-angular experiments) + >>>visuals>>>mistik…

22:15 > 22:30 oxygen break + etc…

22:30 > 23:30 capotescu valentin >>>(presenting his spaceship models)+lecture about the architecture of space colonization and cities of the future…

23 :30 > 00 :00 oxygen…

00 :00 >00: 30 sticking ur USB session>>> free uploads:
celestia (*free space simulation software that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions. Celestia runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X)
– ocp(“operador de cabine polivalente” aka João Ricardo) sleeping aid LP Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
– and other surprise kits

00:30 > 01:00 catalin vasii (mathematician)>>> Possible Geometries…

01:00 >01 :30 dyslex

01 :30>02 :00 oxygen & Sci-Fi book/fanzines/mags live auction via « helion »…

02: 00 >>>noizz.less
+ historical docus (IMAX rocket launches, cosmos series with carl sagan, BBC space, short history of the time, …+oxygen +etc…)

04: 00>>>megatron “mother sez the sun is coming up in 30 minutes” cryogenic deep dive session

on-board disclaimer: organizers will make modifications in the program and space-time coordinates as the night continues…


All participants are invited to bring their sleeping bags and astro-pajama’s!


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