2013 Timisoara TAMTAM edition : Test our No Budget Rocketry & Utopian Launchpad!

IMG_290453864351889LOCATION TAMTAM and announcement timeline & BIG THANKS!

TAGS and MOTTO for this edition: no budget rocketry, utopian launchpad, terraforming our home, DIY space kits, third world and second world space exploration, jobless on earth employed in space, the cosmoproletariat,

SPECIAL NOTICE: this spaceship earth event is free of charge, an open data/open knowledge event, art & science outreach event, fighting against the commercialization and privatization of the known universe and for a common cosmological experience, for space exploration availability regardless of species, gender, age, creed, class, sexual orientation, galaxy of origin, scientific or non scientific background. It’s an event celebrating all sorts of space revolutionaries, wacky cosmologists, cosmoproletarians, science communicators, string theorists, amateur astronomers, space artists and enthusiasts, musicians, cyborg feminists, futurists, transhumanists, time travelers, Sci-fi fans, documentary directors, cyberneticians, dogs, chimps, water bears (yes tardigrades!) and countless modest others that have preceded us our there and have made possible our zero gravity cosmic dreams. ST.

in the framework of
SIMULTAN 2013 – ‘Popular Unknown”

THE THX list is very long, nearly as long as from here to the our sun star. Here are some excerpts: Vlad Cadar (for the warp drive energy & all the crew-ul @ TAMTAM, especially Florin ‘Vizu’ Vizuroiu for his patience,magic tech and loudspeaker sound), Rares Neur0 Moldovan, Sergiu Sas (for the altars), Gabi Pnea (for the good and wise words and spells), Vasile Leac (for healthy Cosmic Cooking & Marketplace knowhow), Flo'(for constant blogging & his incredible space art collage and science fiction cover art prints+timely visuals), Kozma Levente(for surviving the Simultan timelines), Felix Petrescu WakaX (for his humour and incredible crispy sound), Alex Maniu (for his incredible plans to terraform planets in the likeness of Orson Wells), Marius Chirita (for the comprehensive physics intros), Catalin Vasii (for leading us down the math thousand fold path) and to all the others for  establishing innumerable habitats, biospheric domes, space installations and tasks on board and out in space under Zero Money and Zero Gravity. You know those aliens really love you so much, that they might just abduct you in the end! And last but not least to Julia Linda Schulze who sadly couldn’t but was in body&mind&spirit the inspiration for this event – because of all the links, videos, the Libanese space program.


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