2006 CLUJ edition soundworkers Mastino Surfers – “cosmic tsunami tube ridin” sessions (flyer)

Cozzzmonautica Cluj was also the debut of a new experimental / acousmatic / tape music / live electronics music project - MASTINO SURFERS (as a duo initially made up of Serban "Ian" and Sebastian Big and afterwards Cristi Rusu). They describe their music as They describe themselves as “cosmic tsunami tube riding"

CoZzzmonautica: reblogging into a new blogospheric orbit…

This is a first attempt to salvage (or) crash land the old cozzzzzzzzzmonautica blog at blogspot.com, the place that gathered all the artwork (posters, flyers), documentation (photos, programing, ideas) and other exquisite space junk concerning the Cozmonautica sleep over events from May 2005 to October 2011 and beyond to a new interplanetary blogospheric orbit. This will... Continue Reading →

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