2006 CLUJ / invitation letter to organize cozzzmonautica at Binary Lab/ Altart medialab


art by SADDO

Above you can see a first sketch for the graffiti cosmic fresco made courtesy of The Playground [*now famous graffiti crew from Cluj]. Below you can read a translation of the letter from Liviu Pop, the email that launched the Cluj edition of Cozzzmonautica organized at Altart / Binary Media Lab:

Hello Stefan!
It’s me Liviu(from Dmedia, a collegue of Nita Mocanu) I am writing to you to invite you to Cluj with your nocturnal show that you’ve been taking to Timisoara and Arad. We are truly jealous and we also would like to see those psychedelic educational materials. Together with Rarita from Altart we were planning to to this meeting at the Binary Lab media lab. We have an approximative date already: 15th of December.
We were thinking about something specifically local and we are trying to find a Chemistry teacher that is also a UFO specialist in the Baciu Forrest phenomenon [a famous Romanian UFO sightings spot] and we are also trying to capture a few other people from the Agronomic Institute. These are the details and if you accept our invitation, then we can establish the details on the go.
Good day to you!